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Thursday, April 21, 2011

All Downhill From Here

Phew!  The school week is now over.  The bulk of the homework is done.  There's more to do, but there's all weekend to do it.  It's safe to say that most of the horror is over.  I have used being extremely busy as an excuse to eat crap all week, and now that I'm not extremely busy anymore I'm going to put a screeching halt on all the crap.  To signify this, I will now report on all the crap I've eaten so far this week and promise that when I report on all that I've eaten from this moment to Saturday night, it will be a very different list!

1. handful of mixed nuts.  2. wendy's: small chili, half apple chicken salad, and a chocolate chip cookie dough frosty thing.  3. wendy's: spicy breaded chicken bacon ranch sandwich and a huge vitamin water.  4. a bunch of fresh, delicious pineapple and a big plateful of hamburger helper.

1 a can of soup and a slice of bread.  2. a can of soup and a handful of triscuits.  3. panera: the you pick two special with broccoli cheddar soup, a half fuji apple chicken salad and the whole wheat baguette.

1. bowl of rice and beans and a cinnamon sugar pop tart.  2. a snicker's bar.  3.  CHINESE BUFFET - EPIC FAIL!  4. a bag of doritos and a vitamin water.

1. arby's: ham egg cheese breakfast sourdough, to which I added lettuce, tomato, mayo, and bacon (epic fail) and a bacon egg cheese burrito thingy and a big 4 coffee with 4 each cream and sugar.  2. handful of mixed nuts and a dr. pepper.  3. arby's: all-american roast burger combo with dr. pepper and a cup of their red ranch stuff.

1. mcdonald's: breakfast burrito, bacon egg cheese mcgriddle, big coffee with 4 each cream and sugar.  2. wendy's: two junior bacon cheeseburgers, a double stack, and a chocolate milk.  3. a vitamin water.

Like I said, I've eaten nothing but crap, all week long.  I feel like crap, too.

Next update is going to be very, very different!  And also...in the middle of writing this I took a 1.75 mile walk!  Yay!!!

Good luck to you all,


  1. It was a lovely walk! OMG 'Big Girls' by Mika is on here? EXCELLENT!!! I'm not going to navigate away from the page until this song is over. :)

  2. Hey chick! Great job on that walk!!! And don't worry about what happened yesterday, Today is a new day and today you can make better choices. Girl you have me addicted to La Bouche-Be my lover! OMG It's such a great song for me to jog too! Idk I think I might be a techno freak cause all my good jogging songs are techno LOL!

  3. I'm so glad people are liking my songs, I assumed they would just vaguely annoy everyone!