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Monday, April 25, 2011

Hard Edged/Foxy Lady

This week I decided to let my sister decide my color.  I told her that I was pretty sure that if I picked, the decision would involve a lot of rationalization and it would just be good to have the color handed to me, like an assignment.  She chose to give me two colors, Hard Edged (a very dark, almost brown purple) and Foxy Lady (an orangy rust color) and told me to alternate fingers.  She said, "you need to be more hard edged, and then you'll be closer to being a foxy lady".  lol.  So that's my assignment for the week!

I'm going to try to post something every day this week, and see if that helps me stay on track. 

Good luck to you all,


  1. Oh! I didn't know it was like an assignment! Yay! I get to be a mean teacher! I'm watching you! Perseverance is 9/10 of the grade!!!

    I totally pwned you. There was no system!!! Muahahahahahaha!

    Love from,
    Jamie and the Boys

  2. Hilarious! LOL I like that color combo! I interpreted what your sister said like this "You need to buckle down and be committed to your weight-loss journey(Hard edged) and you'll get closer to being a sexier you(foxy lady)!" Oh yea hows the competition going with your dad?

  3. It's going okay, in that neither of us have lost anything. And yes, Jamie, you did pwn me, and it was indeed hilarious!