Weight Progress!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


This week's color is a slightly shimmery light gold color called Jaguar.  I gotta say...I haven't embodied it at all so far this week.  A jaguar is a fierce animal, strong and fast and intimidating.  I have been no such thing.  BUT, whereas I would usually say in a dejected hopeless voice "there's always next week", I shall now say, "there's always today!"  I'm turning it around right now.  No use giving up and stuffing myself with fat and sugar and self loathing when I can just jump back up and keep going!  Jaguars don't weep and eat crap, they go kill something!  Rwaaaar!!!

Good hunting to you all,

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  1. Thats what I wanna hear!!! ...er READ!!! We didn't gain this weight in a day or a week so we can't expect to lose it that quickly! I'm feeling the Jaguar this week RWAAAAR! :D