Weight Progress!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week 2 Results

Weigh In: 248.0
Gain: 3.2
Biggest Loser Style: +1.31%
Remaining: 88
New NWA: 2.378

Week Two is always hell.  And this time, my monthly friend decided to crash the party.  And, it's coming up on the end of the semester and I've got a buttload of homework I procrastinated on.  So all in all...I'm actually relieved to see only 3.2 pounds gained.  Usually on a Week Two I gain back everything I lost in week one.  And usually, after that happens, I give up for a few weeks until I hate myself enough to make myself start again, a new Week One, and everything just happens all over again. 

That's not what's going to happen this time.

I'm entering new territory tomorrow: Week Three.  I'm going to accept that I fell but intsead of lying there crying and hating myself, I'm going to try something new: I'm just gonna get up and keep moving.  Simple, I know.  But harder to do than say.  Wish me luck!

Good luck to you all,

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  1. You don't need luck! You got this! and I totally feel you on the procrastinating hw thing haha! Finals are comming up, projects are due and I am waay behind!