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Monday, April 18, 2011


This week's color is a light, metallic, silvery blue called "A-List".  For now, I will simply say that it is there to remind me of one of my goals for this week, which is to DO MY FREAKIN' HOMEWORK!!!  I have said before what a terrible procrastinator I am, but to tell the truth...I have a 4.0 right now, in my second to last semester.  I do procrastinate, but it ends up being positive reinforcement when I end up the curvebuster (again!) anyway.  I've realized that it's one of the main sources of my self-esteem (sad, yeah, I know).  Anyway, this semester has been the procrastinator of procrastinators, and I'm starting to think I'm like one of those thrill-seekers who gets closer and closer to something that they're just not likely to survive.  I'm all like, "look!  I made an A on this 10-page paper even though I wrote it in the three hours just before it was due!  That was AWESOME!"  And I have to admit, it is pretty awesome.  But someday (I don't think it's today, but it's coming) I'll wait too long, and I won't get an A.  It's a highly insecure way of finding my limits.  So of course I want to keep pushing to new heights (can I write a 10-page A paper in two hours?!?  It's so tempting...!)  but I really, really, really shouldn't.  No.  I shouldn't.  It's not healthy.  I'm sure.  I mean I've been told.  And I'm sure they're right and I'm wrong, I mean who has the 4.0 after a-  oh, crap, that's me.  *sigh* oh what a circular reasoning we weave...but seriously, this week, I really have to do my homework.  I forgot why, but the nailpolish will remind me.  To do my homework.  Yeah.

Good luck to you all,

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