Weight Progress!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Week 3 Results

Weight: 246.2
Loss: 1.8
Biggest Loser Style: 0.73%
Remaining: 86.2
New NWA: 2.394

Week Three was pretty shaky for the first half.  Once I got in touch with my inner jungle cat, things got a lot better.  :-)  This week I have two goals: to write down everything I eat and to stay on top of my homework.  I know homework doesn't have anything to do with weight loss directly, but it has a lot to do with how I feel about myself, which always affects how I eat because I use terrible food both as an emotional crutch and as a way to punish myself.  (I know, I'm such a joy.)  So hopefully this week will be about accountability.  I'm dreading it a little, but it really, really needs to happen.  So...deep breath, jungle cat roar, and off we go!

Good luck to you all,

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  1. Alright alright! I'm feeling those goals! I really need to stay on top of homework too Procrastination can be a B!@%#. LOL Keep it up! You gotta beat your dad. GIRL POWER! :D