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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Love From A Grocery Haul

So, hubby and I were discussing cravings and we came to the conclusion that it is better to have "go-between foods" than to try to force ourselves to only eat the spectacularly healthy foods all the time.  Let's face it, the spectacularly healthy meals are not always the tastiest, and sometimes it just gets old, and usually if we try to force ourselves to quit enjoyable foods cold-turkey, we end up going good for a while and then binging at the Chinese Buffet or I-HOP.  A "go-between food" is a food that tastes like a junk/unhealthy/spectacularly tasty food but is a better-for-you version.  For example: when hubby wants waffles or cheesecake or ice cream, for some reason a brown sugar and cinnamon pop tart does the trick for him.  At only 210 calories, that pop tart is not exactly a superfood, but it is by no means a waffle, a cheesecake, or ice cream.  I reluctantly agreed with him and then realized the source of my hesitation - gee, that sounds like forgiving myself for being human!  Letting myself indulge when I'm supposed to be on a diet?  For shame!

I know what you're thinking.  You ARE human!  Food is supposed to be enjoyed!  It's a fantastic idea to find healthier versions of the foods you love!  And I agree.  Now.  But I didn't used to.  That's why I'm wearing Love this week.  Go-between foods are love foods!  I get to eat something I really enjoy and my diet doesn't have to suffer, because my "diet" is just calories in, calories out, and as long as I keep track of all my calories I'm fine, and I have not failed.  I'm okay with that concept now.

So I went to the store and got me some love: whole wheat bagels and reduced-fat cream cheese (strawberry and garden vegetable), turkey bacon, lean pockets, reduced fat Parmesan cheese, sugar-free all-natural fruit popsicles, and one of those steam-it-in-the-microwave veggie and sauce packets.  Yummy foods that are healthy versions of the spectacularly unhealthy crap I used to eat.  I can enjoy my food when I want a treat and still be in control of my calorie intake.  That's love!

I'm counting this as a Non-Scale Victory: I am now in a place where I can forgive myself for having a treat!  I no longer overwhelm a perfectly reasonable idea with the unreasonable urge to demand perfection!  No more hating on myself for ever enjoying a meal!  YAY!

Good luck to you all,

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  1. LOL Great minds! I seriously just wrote a post about this last night. YAY NSV :D