Weight Progress!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week 5 Results

Weight: 251.6
Gain: 2.0
Biggest Loser Style: +0.80%
Remaining: 91.6
New NWA: 2.69

Yeah, nobody's surprised.  But after yesterday's Duh Moment, I can tell you, this week I'm gonna have double digits.  I have written "241.6" on my hand, it it will stay there, and remind me. 

Good luck to you all,

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  1. Well after reading your Duh post (haha awesome name) I believe you can do it! You might have fallen off path just a bit but now that you've had a light bulb turning on moment I know you can do it! Trust me if I can do it I know you can because I'm one of the laziest people I know! I guess I just got tired of being fat LOL ! Besides I've done exactly what you have but the difference is that at the time I gave up while your continuing to push through, that's how I know your going to do GREAT! Sorry for writing this long essay lol. I wanna see some jungle cat action from you this week! :D