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Saturday, April 30, 2011


So you know how sometimes you can know something, as in know that it is factually true, but yet somehow it just doesn't sink in until way later?  And then when you finally see it you're like, "well duh"?  Yeah.  That totally happened.  I found myself feeling a little bit jealous of the success that one of the people I follow was having.  Then I went about catching up on her here: http://healthiermediaries.blogspot.com/2011/04/crazy-week.html and going, "Oh.  Oh, I see.  The difference is, she freaks out about one instance of crispy vs. grilled chicken, whereas I have spent all week thinking I should get pats on the back for having replace two or three fast food meals with home-cooked meals.  Oh I see how that would explain it.  Duh."  Yeah...Hard Edged and Foxy Lady don't just look good together, they have a cause-and-effect relationship.  I can't be a Foxy Lady until I learn how to be Hard Edged.  They're together on my hands because that's the truth of the matter - you can't have one without the other because it's a dependent relationship.  Yeah.  That is totally true.  I knew that...I just for some reason didn't KNOW that...or didn't want to.  Or something.  But I do now.  Duh.  I'm gonna have to work a lot harder if I want results like hers.  Gonna have to get behind that idea if I want to go anywhere.

Hope your I.Q.'s haven't taken any such beating,

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