Weight Progress!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Week 6 Results

Weight: 248.0
Loss: 3.6
Biggest Loser Style: 1.43%
Remaining: 88.0
New NWA: 2.67

Okay, so 3.6 is not 10 but you know what else it's not?  It's not a gain!  And it's more than the NWA so I am on my way!!!  I looked back on the week though, as one is wont to do, and I am pretty sure that if there is a culprit it's the terrible sleep schedule I've been on.  I need better, more regular sleep something fierce.  Last week was the last week of classes.  This week is finals week.  But you know what?  Good decisions no longer have to wait for the "perfect" situation.  Finals week makes it a challenge, not an impossibility.  Good sleep, here I come!

My goal for this week is to improve on last week, so...I'm thinking I could lose 4 pounds.  That would put me in virgin weight territory (for this attempt, anyway).  I think I can do it!!!

BTW: I am still in that competition with my dad, and it's going fine.  I have also entered into a different competition with two friends.  Dad's is a simple race to 25 pounds.  This new one is a 12-week, let's-see-who-loses-the-most-weight (based on percentage) kind of competition.  It starts today.  They are both strong women but unfortunately for them, I am a jungle cat, so I hope they're prepared to lose!

Good luck to you all,


  1. YAY!!! Great job!

    Love from,
    Jamie and the Boys :)

  2. Uh oh! Somebody's becoming hard edged which leads to being a foxy lady!!! Great Job I knew you had it in you:D