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Monday, March 28, 2011

Snow Queen

Before this post makes any sense, I must explain my nail polish thing.  A few attempts ago, I thought it would be fun to wear a new color of nail polish every five pounds, as a reward system kind of thing since I'm broke.  I got colors with cool motivational names like "hot tamale" and "risk taker", things that had meaning to me.  That was fun, but five pounds can take a while, and I'd have a color on way longer than it's designed to stay on (as in, they'd get chipped and I'd get sick of looking at them).  So this time, I decided that I'd have a new nail polish color every week and sort of meditate on those meanings and let them focus my energies on the various lessons I need to be learning and things I need to be remembering and looking forward to.  So, every Sunday I'll put on the new color (and post the weigh-in) and every Monday I'll explain the color and write a bit on what I'm gonna focus on that week, as inspired by the name of the color.  Silly, I know, but I really like it.

So, this week the color is Snow Queen.  I'll get a picture at some point, but this color is simply white.  There are two aspects of this color.  First, it represents a clean slate.  Pure white innocence, as far as weight loss goes.  I can't keep beating myself up for all my previous failures.  I have to chose to take the good from them and discard the rest.  I need to learn from my mistakes and then forgive myself.  I need a clean slate, and this color reminds me that I can have one, any morning I wake up and decide to give myself one.  It's easier than painting a color on my nails!  :-)  The second is the title, Snow Queen.  It brings up the image of an aloof, immovable, cold woman of power.  I need a little bit of that during the first week.  I have to be a little mean/distant/uncaring of some parts of myself.  There are bits of me that weep every time I choose kale and quinoa instead of pizza and lasagna.  I need to ignore that part, even if it's my "inner child", I need to tell it to shut up and go to bed or it's grounded.  It's tough love, and historically it's not something I'm good at when the subject is me.  I'm great at it with others, which makes me a hypocrite.  I'd like to fix that, obviously! 

So there we have it.  Those are the two things I'm going to be pondering and focusing on this week.  I know, I know, I'm weird!  But I like me, so it's okay.  :-)

Good luck to you all!

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