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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Up-And-Down Day

Today started with waking up late.  Usually that makes me want to just say "screw it, whatever, I already messed up."  I came close to that, but I pulled back from the edge.  (yay, me!)  I ate about 1/3 cup applesauce and then did 3 sets of 10, with 8-lb dumbbells, the following: curls, military press, tricep extensions, shoulder lifts, lat pulls, oblique dips, flys, tricep kickbacks, bench press, military bench press, and sit ups.  That's right, son!  I am awesome.

Then I ate a plate of spaghetti with sauce and light ranch and breaded chicken (breaded with flaxseed, thank you very much, and baked, not fried!). 

Then I did bad.  I had three Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  And they were delicious.

Then I did good!  I felt stupid for having the doughnuts and decided I was going to use the sugar high, so I went for a jog around my sister’s house and…I totally jogged a whole mile!  It was totally wootacious!  And also, it hurt!

Then I had a big, delicious bowl of ziti with alfredo sauce and homemade turkey meatballs (yummy!) with a glass of some kind of flavored water stuff (think Walmart’s answer to Crystal Light…I don’t know, it’s what my sister had) which was tasty too.

Then I had one of those kiddie juice things where you stick the straw in, and then I really started to suck at life...Wendy's, jr. cheeseburger, jr. bacon cheeseburger, jr. frosty, then I came home and ate a big plate of spaghetti and breaded chicken.

So today was part Non-Scale victory, part I suck at life.  *sigh*...gonna try again tomorrow.

Good luck to you all,


  1. Ok so the day wasn't perfect... You freaking jogged a mile!!! How totally awesome is that! Uhh and don't forget about those sets!!! Cause I know I'd be crying! LOL if you have Wendy's again maybe try taking off the bread or at least the top bun. Good job :D

  2. lol, thanks. I'm gonna try to avoid Wendy's for a while...